Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ideology of the SNS

It is no secret that the government’s functioning in India is characterized by large-scale misappropriation of public funds. In addition to corruption, there are other problems such as non-performance of duties and inefficient functioning that plague government departments in the country. One of the underlying causes for these problems is lack of transparency in the government’s working, which makes it impossible for citizens to participate in their own governance or monitor the activities that are to be performed for their welfare.

At SNS we believe that where citizens are vigilant and have information about the government’s activities, they can monitor public works and exert pressure on officials to ensure that public funds are utilized effectively and that government employees perform their duties efficiently.

The SNS recognizes that the RTI Act is a tool that provides citizens with an opportunity to keep themselves informed about the activities of the Delhi government. It aims to create awareness at the grassroots level about tools like the RTI Act and seeks to facilitate peoples’ participation in governance by encouraging them to monitor government activities in their respective localities. The SNS also aims at getting policy changes introduced that are likely to result in greater transparency and accountability in the working of the government.


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